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 Toby Baker (Success Mode)-SP-Rays-Wii-Request

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First Round Draft Pick
First Round Draft Pick

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Toby Baker (Success Mode)-SP-Rays-Wii-Request Empty
PostSubject: Toby Baker (Success Mode)-SP-Rays-Wii-Request   Toby Baker (Success Mode)-SP-Rays-Wii-Request EmptyThu Jul 16, 2009 2:35 pm

A request from yankeejr0406 on MLBPPW. All I can say about this player is, "Thank God for glove waxes!" I used 13 of them at the end (thanks in part to a lot of Duck's jobs, Marvin's video game thing, catching theif after 3 weeks) when I had just over $9000. He turned out better than the 82mph I planned him out to be. In fact 20mph better! Here you go, and I hope you like him!

Name: Toby Baker
Saved Name: Toby Baker
Uni: 31
Yrs. In Majors: 0
Age: 21
Birth: 7/16
B/T: R/R

Pictures can be found here.
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Toby Baker (Success Mode)-SP-Rays-Wii-Request
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