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 Ziggy DeFelice-C-Brewers-Wii

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First Round Draft Pick
First Round Draft Pick

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Ziggy DeFelice-C-Brewers-Wii Empty
PostSubject: Ziggy DeFelice-C-Brewers-Wii   Ziggy DeFelice-C-Brewers-Wii EmptyFri May 01, 2009 4:55 pm

This catcher is a good offensive and defensive catcher. It should be noted that against the Galaxy Sharks in the 2nd Gil game, he hit 3 HOMERS IN A ROW!!!!!They ended up winning that game, but tied the Sittch game, 4-4, and (of course) lost the rematch. Joey could have been the hero and not end it in a tie, but he grounded out to SS. Ziggy went 2-4. Here you go and I hope you like him!

Name: Ziggy DeFelice
Saved Name: Z.DeFelice (Surprisingly, there isn't a 'DeFelice' voice in the game.)

Trajectory: 3
Contact: C 11 (Failed the gamble at 32% for B Contact)
Power: B 151
Run Speed: F 5
Arm Strength: D 8
Fielding: D 8
Error Resistance: D 8

Clutch Hit 4
Spray Hitter
Push Hitter
Hot Hitter
Firstball Hitter
Throwing 4
Consistency 4

Aggressive FLD(I think, somebody please tell me)

Pictures can be found here.
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Ziggy DeFelice-C-Brewers-Wii
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